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Industrial Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)
& Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Solutions

Zetha AMR

Zetha Series AMR

Pallet truck based AMR designed to automate the transfer of common pallets on the ground.

Payload Handler: Lifting
Zalpha Standard Model AMR

Zalpha Series AMR

Configurable medium payload AMR for flexible integration and payload handling applications.

Payload Handler: Towing - Lifting - Hooking
Titan AMR

Titan Series AMR

Boasting the highest payload capacity among our product line. Ideal fit for heavy-duty automation.

Payload Handler: Lifting

Case Studies

Automated Magazine Transferring

Zalpha Extended with Lifter Conveyor

Automated Pallet Jack Transferring

Zalpha Standard with Towing Clamp

Automated Pallet Transferring

Zalpha Lowbed with Lifter

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