System Integration & Interfacing

We are able to provide customization in term of payload handler, project accessories(trolleys, jigs, etc.), machine interfacing, lift interfacing, custom panel and many more to suit your application. If you require your Warehouse Management System(WMS) to work with our system, we can integrate it with our REST Application Programming Interface(API)s or Webhooks.

Payload Handler Customization

Standard payload handler doesn't suit your application? We can design a custom payload handler that specifically suit customer application.

Machine Interfacing

Flexible implementation to communicate with AGV, simple installation and efficient task execution between Fleet management system (FMS) and devices/infrastructure.

Lift / Shutter door Interfacing

Efficient task execution between lift and AG system, simple installation and large number of I/O port to execute desired control system.

Software interfacing

SECS/GEM, WMS system, Custom HMI.

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