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Automated Pallet Jack Transferring

Zalpha Standard with Towing Clamp


Zalpha Standard with Towing Clamp Automated Pallet Jack Transferring

A 3C manufacturing company requires automation solutions to transport their finish goods from production to packaging stations with minimum changes to their production line

  • 3C Electronics manufacturer.
    Deliver goods from Production line to Packaging line
  • Zalpha Standard with customized towing mechanism
  • Pallet jack
  • 300kg load
  • Button-type Call button with Remote IO


Previously, they are sending their finish goods pallet using manual pallet jack. This led to several issues such as:

  • Shortage of manpower
  • Unattended Finish Goods to be send to packaging station
  • Potential of Finish Goods damaged during the transfer

After implementing the AMR system, customer only require to put the Finish Goods with Pallet Jack at predefined station and call for the AMR using a call button for automatic delivery to the packaging station