Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) Series

At DF Automation and Robotics, our autonomous mobile robots (AMR) are designed to address intralogistic issues.
Our AMR solutions will improve your efficiency, and productivity while reducing operation and accident cost.


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What is an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)?

AMR is a mobile robot that is able to understand and move around in their environment without needing an operator to oversee them directly. 

This is made possible via sophisticated sensors on the robot, computers and maps that enable the AMR to understand, analyze and interpret their environment to function as autonomous transportation. They are intelligent enough to avoid obstacles and reroute if needed.

The most basic and popular use of AMR is for material transports. These machines can transport orders throughout a facility all day long effectively. In fact, they are excellent for maintaining workflow as well as freeing up human workers for more high value tasks.


Benefits of using Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

AMRs offer many benefits including:

  • Increases productivity – With AMRs, workers do not have to spend time walking around to deliver goods. Workers can focus on more high value tasks.
  • Lower labour costs – You need fewer workers to achieve the same (or higher) productivity when compared to manual operations. 
  • Increased efficiency – AMRs are not subjected to human errors or inconsistency brought about by absenteeism, stress, tiredness or inexperience. 
  • Increased safety – AMR can replace workers for high risk delivery jobs that possibly cause injury.  AMR are designed as a highly responsive robot to work dynamically with their environment.
  • Increased flexibility – AMRs route and task can be easily modified using NavWiz AMR software for any changes of delivery operation.
  • Quick and easy to implement – AMRs can be deployed within an operation in about 1 to 6 weeks, or even faster depending on the number of AMR and integration complexity.


Autonomous mobile robots, or AMRs are industrial robots that are tasked to lift and transport materials and navigate themselves in a particular space. They are commonly used in distribution centres, production facilities and warehouses.

Autonomous mobile robots now operate with sophisticated software that helps them to determine best the best routes to fulfill their mission as efficiently as possible. They are intelligent enough to avoid obstacles and reroute if needed.

Here’s why you should consider using autonomous mobile robots for your facility:

  • Safe: AMRs have sensors that enable them to avoid obstacles and change their routes accordingly.
  • Easy installation: It is possible to set up a whole AMR operation at a particular location in a matter of weeks
  • Flexible and efficient: Advanced software and controls mean that AMRs can easily be operated according to your needs.
  • Dependable: Our AMRs are designed and built with quality materials and engineered with precision.
  • Scalable: You can start with one AMR and add more to your fleet as your operation grows. Our fleet management system optimizes each robot and keeps all your AMRs organized.


AMR Applications

At DF Automation and Robotics, our AMRs can be used in various sectors and industries including:



AMRs can easily be set up and used in factories for transporting raw material, in process parts as well as finished goods. Additionally, AMRs can be integrated with factory’s facilities such as ERP, WMS, doors, elevators, etc to perform complete autonomous and unmanned delivery.

Furthermore, AMRs can be paired with accessories such as robotic arms, lifting modules, trolley hooks, etc to assist with production processes. They can be custom made and programmed to perform different kinds of applications.


Warehousing / Logistics

Warehouses and distribution centers can be massive facilities. In fact some span over a million square feet! Using AMRs in warehousing operations is an efficient solution. They can do the heavy lifting and transport goods or materials throughout the space safely and accurately. 



Because AMRs are easy to implement and use, they can be utilized in the healthcare industry for many tasks. They can be used to transport food, supplies and medicine within the facility. They can also be used in sanitation and disinfection. 

At DF Automation and Robotics, our Healthcare Series AMRs include a Food Delivery Robot and UV Disinfection Robot.



These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) have been specially created to help answer some of the commonly asked questions related to our products. If you could not find the answers that you want here, please send your enquiries to us.


Q: What is AMR?

A: AMR or Autonomous Mobile Robot is an industrial mobile robot that travels autonomously and is designed to work alongside humans to help to move materials to other places.

Q: Are there any differences between AGV and AMR?

A: AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle while AMR stands for Autonomous Mobile Robot. In general, both robots are similar in terms of their function. Both AGV and AMR are mobile robots that can move on their own while carrying loads. One of the differences is the method used in their navigation. AGV navigates on a fixed route through physical guidance such as magnetic tape and induction wire. AMR is slightly intelligent as it is capable of planning its own route based on the created map.

Q: What are the uses of AMR?

A: AMR can be used in a variety of applications especially for indoor material handling such as to carry raw materials from store room to production line and to carry finished goods from assembly line to dispatch area. Besides that, AMR can be used for other solutions such as automated disinfection robot, surveillance robot and as service robot.

Q: AMR can be used for which industries?

A: AMR can be used as long as there is a tedious and hazardous task that can be replaced by AMR. DF had deployed AGV/AMR to electronic manufacturing, automotive, garment industries, restaurants, old folk homes, hospitals, among others.

Q: What are the advantages of AMR?

A: AMR is flexible and easy to set up in terms of navigation. Besides that, AMR can help to reduce labor cost, production cost and warehouse cost and at the same time, improve material transporting management. Less time is consumed on transporting material with the AMR system.

Q: How does AMR work?

A: AMR navigates by using a predefined map and is capable of planning its own routes. This mobile robot can detect obstacles and avoid hitting them by changing its routes.

Q: How long will it take to deliver the robot once the order is placed?

A: The robot is estimated to be delivered within 2 to 3 weeks after the receipt of order. The actual delivery date needs to be confirmed with the sales representative.

Q: Do you provide your team to work on-site for continuous support?

A: Yes. DF Automation provides a team to work on-site throughout the installation of the AMR and offers continuous support after the project is done in case any issues occur.

Q: Do employees need AMR training?

A: Employees are required to undergo training to learn how to use the AMR. Even though AMR operates independently, employees should be equipped with information on how to operate and maintain the robots.

Q: Is AMR safe to work with humans?

A: AMR is designed to work alongside humans even in dynamic environments. AMR is safe as it is equipped with a sensor to detect obstacles and navigate to other routes.

Q:  How to export the AMR?

A: AMR can be exported to other countries and it is subjected to the customs duty set by the respective governments. Some procedures also need to be taken care of before it can be exported.


Q: How is AMR powered?

A: AMR is powered by batteries. The charging can be done manually or automatically.

Q: How long can the AMR run before it needs to be charged?

A: The running time of the AMR is up to 10 hours with 2 hours charging.

Q: How much weight can the AMR carry?

A: DF Automation has a wide range of AMR products. The maximum load an AMR can carry is up to 1000kg.

Q: What is the operating system used for AMR?

A: DF Automation uses NavWiz Software to run the AMR. NavWiz is a comprehensive software used to program the AMR. It has many important features such as mapping, creating tasks, data visualisation, IoT and remote access capability. NavWiz is patent-pending and owned by DF.

Q: What are the maintenance fees for AMR?

A: The cost of an AMR’s maintenance is low. A yearly maintenance is required normally for components such as batteries, wheels and castors.