Zalpha E 3.3.5 2

Zalpha TS-E

Zalpha TS AMR (Extended)

Zalpha Series Laser Guidance AMR is a cost-effective, user-friendly and flexible mobile robot used to transport goods in various kind of industry. The robot is using LiDAR sensor to navigate around and is easy to be set up, programmed and implemented.
Our extended model from the ZALPHA AMR series is fitted with a larger payload handle surface area with a 300kg payload handling capability. It is also possible to fit the model payload handler with our hooking and lifter module among other options.


zalpha features

Uniqueness At A Glance:

 - Laser Guidance navigation method (Natural feature navigation) allows AMR to maneuver around

    without any physical guide in the environment.

 - L-shape design  enables the operator to access the interface panel (802mm from ground) easily.

 - Extended body length (1076mm) allows larger space for larger payload handler.

 - Differential Drive method allows flexibility in moving forward, reverse, curve turn and rotate turn.

 - Flexible pairing with different kind of payload handler (or top module) for various applications.

 - Flexible integration with other devices and system.

 - Easy and user-friendly in setup and programming.

 - Hybrid Interface which supports both capacitive touchscreen and mechanical button interface.