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The Design Behind DF’s latest AMR; TITAN

Titan Front Left View (No Background)

I’m excited to share an intriguing aspect of the #Titan body cover design that has been generating curiosity among engineers and industry professionals alike. Have you ever wondered why battle tanks and Titan share a common feature? Let’s dive into the unique angle incorporated into the Titan body cover and understand why it sets it apart from competitors.

In an environment as unforgiving as the one our Titan AMR operates in, durability and strength are of paramount importance. Unlike straight forms that are weaker, the slanted shape enhances the structural integrity of Titan, making it more robust and capable of withstanding impacts.

One might wonder, “Why the angle? What makes it so special?” Well, let me shed some light on the rationale behind this design choice.

To validate the benefits of this slanted design, we conducted simulations on the part, comparing its performance with a straight-form counterpart. The results were wonderful! The stress concentration decreased by approximately 53%, while the deflection showed a reduction of around 37% (values may vary depending on the applied impulse force, direction, impact area, etc)
Furthermore, the slanted shape allows for a well-distributed stress pattern, enabling Titan to effectively handle impacts.

The significance of this design concept extends beyond the AMR. It exemplifies how thoughtful engineering and consideration of shape and form can lead to tangible improvements in performance and reliability.

So, join us in embracing the future of technology with Titan – a game changer in rough environment operations.

Disclaimer: Titan has been meticulously designed and fully complies with the highest safety standards, minimizing the likelihood of collisions. The slanted shape featured in Titan is primarily aimed at enhancing its character while reducing the potential risk of damage. The simulation shown is an example of the concept, and the actual study remains confidential.

Written By: Muhammad Farhan Bin Zamlan, Senior Engineer, Mechanical Design, DF Robotics Sdn Bhd

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