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DFleet – Fleet Management System of DF Robots

Fleet Management System is vital when there are more than 1 AMRs running on the floor

DFleet is a server based computer software to control and manage a fleet of mobile robots to achieve common tasks more effectively and efficiently. 

Most of these robots are operating in the same factory layout and on the same path. Most of the time, only one robot is allowed to run on that path.  There is a need to have a system to coordinate and plan the operations for all mobile robots in the list. It’s also vital to make sure the workloads are evenly distributed between all mobile robots and make sure the usage for all robots are balanced. This is where The DFleet software comes into play. 

Figure 1: Live location of all AMRs can be viewed under the same monitor page

As shown in Figure 1, users can view the live map displaying the location of all AMRs in the network. With this interface, users can view the real-time location of all robots in one glance.With DFleet in place, users don’t have to worry about the task arrangement and the complex traffic coordination among the AMRs. All of this will be handled by DFleet.

Figure 2: Assignment of tasks to the AMRs is based on a specific criteria, or a combination of multiple criteria.

One of the key features of DFleet is its capability to organise the tasks in the queue and the assignment of tasks to the AMRs based on a specific criteria, or a combination of multiple criterias. Users can set the priority and criteria through DFleet software. The action of generating the criteria is called The Assignment Policy. There are a list of commonly used criteria selectable from the system, such as assignment of task based on the robot’s battery percentage (highest or lowest), based on the task count (highest or lowest), based on the distance of the AMR and destination (farthest or nearest), or by just based on the task count of the AMR (lowest or highest), and etc.

To understand further, check out the video below with detailed description on the operation of DFleet.

In a modern production floor, there is a necessity to make sure the system in place is able to interface with the external software and also the existing smart manufacturing infrastructure. DFleet software is designed in such a way to be integrated with these software to realize smart manufacturing control and align with IR4.0 direction. DFleet provides an interfacing API to communicate with third party software. DFleet API provides the following entities such as Task Query, Task Create, Task Prioritize, Task Cancel, Task Abort, as well as AMR Status Query. With this API in place, DFleet is able to exchange information and integrate with the existing system. For more information, please send us an inquiry and our technical team will assist you for more detail.

The video below illustrate the operation and logic of DFleet. Check it up!

Author by: Chia Chin Wee  I  Muhammad Sofwan Bin Zamri
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