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DF Automation & Robotics (DF), a Malaysian company formed by a group of Malaysians, serves the global automation and robotics industry through its ability to design and manufacture Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) that are used across multiple industries helping customers increase production capacity, accuracy, efficiency, reducing downtime and operational cost.

Always keeping customers’ industrial problems in mind, DF actively engages in R&D efforts, upgrading its robots with innovative solutions, from track to trackless laser-guided options. The company also actively engages in customized solutions for customers with specific troubleshooting requirements, opting for customized solutions.

DF offers a full spectrum of services; ranging from design, customization, manufacture, sales, and after-sales support – and also extended maintenance services to our customers, ensuring our customers and our robots are very well taken care of. With the aid of our in-house operating system, NavWiz & DFleet, which functions via WiFi, we proudly cater to a global clientele from diverse industries, ensuring timely and reliable service. Talk to us today