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DFleet MG – Fleet Management System For Magnetic Strip AMR

DFleet MG Fleet management system (FMS) is dedicated for magnetic strip guidance (MG) AMR’s operation. Fleet Management System (FMS) is used to coordinate multiple AMRs and systems to operate safely and efficiently in a logistic automation application. FMS controls AMR traffic and tasks, interface with users and even interface with third party systems to complete a delivery mission.

The robot uses a magnetic strip to move and navigate. This makes it easy to program, set up and execute.

Completely flexible, user friendly and made to use in multiple industries, our AMRs are built for optimal performance, agility and safety.

Complete integration with conveyor, pick to light, put to wall and all material handling warehouse automation systems to get the job done!

Software solutions:

The Autonomous Mobile Robots FMS includes:

  • Dynamic fleet routing
  • Real-time scheduling
  • Data reporting and Analytics
  • Integration with third party WMS, WES, WCS, MES systems through REST API.


DFleet MG Comes With:

 - 1x FMS controller with monitor

 - 1x DFleet-MG FMS software


DFleet MG Infrastructure:

Our fleet management system is supported by AGVs, ACC-RC01, ACC-LC01, and other servers/controllers like third party software (WMS, WES, etc).


Navwiz TS FMS f1


AGV solutions offer:

  • Integration with robotic arm for special applications.
  • Integrated with automation systems.
  • Integrated with lift that allows AGVs to move to multiple floors.
  • Customised payload handler for safe transfer of special goods.
  • AGV interactions with automated shutter doors.
  • Custom made hardware to support AGV systems.
  • Custom made software/user interface.


FMS Features:


Our automated fleet management solutions include:

  • Simple setup and configuration- controlling multiple AGVs at the same time
  • Customisable interfaces to control AGVs
  • REST API to integrate NavWiz FMS into individual software applications
  • Complete planning, management, collaboration and execution of tasks by multiple AGVs
  • Automated traffic control of AGVs to avoid collisions
  • Real time tracking
  • Immediate alerts for incidents like blocking obstacles, etc
  • Complete task analytics and reports






Navwiz MG FMS p1

FMS Controller Option
TypeDesktop ServerIndustrial PC
Add on network connectionLAN Port
Number of AGVAble to connect up to 20 AGVs
Number of UserAble to connect up to 20 Users