Navwiz MG FMS main

DFleet MG

AMR Fleet Management System (FMS) for Magnetic Strip guidance AMR

AMR Fleet Management System (FMS) is used to coordinate multiple AMRs and system to operate safely and efficiently in a logistic automation application. FMS controls AMR traffic and task, interface with user and even interface with third party system to complete a delivery mission.

DFleet MG Comes With:

 - 1x FMS controller with monitor

 - 1x DFleet-MG FMS software


DFleet MG Infrastructure:


Navwiz TS FMS f1



FMS Features:







Navwiz MG FMS p1

FMS Controller Option
TypeDesktop ServerIndustrial PC
Add on network connectionLAN Port
Number of AGVAble to connect up to 20 AGVs
Number of UserAble to connect up to 20 Users