Advantages and Disadvantages of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Advantages and Disadvantages of AMR

Automation and robotics have been part and parcel in today’s industry. Industries ranging from automotive, F&B, healthcare, and many others are constantly looking for ways to further maximize their production and productivity. In many cases, Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is seen to have potential of increasing the productivity of any operations. Usually, business owners will consider the advantages and disadvantages of AMR before purchasing one. Hence, let’s analyze the pros and cons of it.
In many cases, Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is seen to have potential of increasing the productivity of any operations. Learn more what is AMR here – AMR: The New Look of AGV. Usually, business owners will consider the advantages and disadvantages of AMR before purchasing one. Hence, let’s analyze the pros and cons of it.

Advantages of AMR

 Reliable workforce

Unlike humans, robots do not get tired. AMR can work consistently around-the-clock to meet the targeted production of a company. This is very beneficial for companies operating 24/7 as owners would not have to worry about the shortage of shift workers. Furthermore, AMR is more accurate than humans as it is assisted with precise algorithms.

 Lesser harm to employees

Acco car engines, bins and raw materials. The recommended load for men to carry is 25kg which can be very restrictive. With the help of AMR, more loads can be transrding to statistics given by the National Safety Council, one employee will be injured while at work every 7 seconds. In the heavy industry, it is a norm for workers to carry heavy loads such asported simultaneously with lesser time needed. AMR can also replace workers in unmanned and hazardous working environment such as nuclear plants.

 Minimize operational cost

The existence of AMR in a facility will enable employees to reduce labor cost. This is because the employee would not have to hire many unskilled workers as well as to provide overtime pay. Product damage during transportation caused by human errors can be eliminated too.

Disadvantages of AMR

 High capital cost

The initial cost of an AMR can be very expensive especially if it is being evaluated on a short-term outcome. Nevertheless, AMR can result in a positive Return on Investment (ROI) in the long run. In most cases, purchasers will be encouraged to calculate their targeted ROI which can be done easily using a ROI calculator.

 Limited flexibility

Some AMRs such as the magnetic tape guided AMRs require a devoted track for them to move around. This can be troublesome especially if changes need to be done to the facility layout. In addition, some AMRs could only move forward which can be a limitation if it needs to be reversed suddenly. Regardless, customization of AMR can be done according to customers’ needs.
All in all, there are always two sides to every coin. DF Automation & Robotics will always strive to provide the best AMR and service to our customers in making sure that the purchase will be beneficial to them.
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DF being Featured in “Exclusive from Malaysia” eMagazine


DF Automation and Robotics have been featured in the first issue of Matrade “Exclusive from Malaysia” (EFM) eMagazine. In this issue of the EFM eMagazine, Matrade selected the top Malaysian companies which have achieve tremendous result in the era of Industry 4.0.

DF Automation and Robotics are proud to be selected as one of the companies and being featured side by side with giant Malaysian company such as Fusionex, Vitrox, Pentamaster, Cytron and etc.






















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DF won Platinum Award at Star Outstanding Business Award 2018

Star Outstanding Business Award

DF Automation and Robotics is honored to be awarded the Platinum Award for Best Innovation for company up to RM25 Million Category at the prestigious Star Outstanding Business Award (SOBA) 2018. It is awarded to DF at the Award Night Ceremony held at New World Hotel Petaling Jaya at 17 January 2019.

The Star Outstanding Business Awards (SOBA) is organised by The Star Media Group Berhad, to recognize up-and-coming enterprises and their contributions to the Malaysian economy. In line with the Government’s commitment to develop homegrown enterprises, SOBA seeks to inspire and encourage local businesses to promote Malaysia and showcase its products and services to the world. Every year SOBA will shortlist and award Malaysian non-public listed organisation that have led the way with excellent business principles, ethics and practices. SOBA winners are testaments of high achievement and serve as a benchmark for others to emulate. 2018 is the 9th year Star Media Group Berhad organised this business award ceremony.


Award Night Ceremony at New World Hotel Petaling Jaya with nation wide media coverage


Platinum Award Best Innovation, Star Outstanding Business Award 2018


Back to our fort at Johor Bahru!











There are total of 5 Platinum Award winners for Top-of-the Class Awards this year. DF is honorable to be recognized as one of them in the category. This award marks an important milestone in DF Automation and Robotics’s history. Moving forward, DF Automation and Robotics will work harder and continue to focus into building a world-class technology centre that is able to compete in the global arena

Next Generation Mobile Painting Robot

Autonomous Mobile Robot for Painting

Paint Robots have been in the industrial for decades mainly to improve painting quality. There are numerous brand of robots in the market that can be used for autonomous painting. However, most of them required permanent fixtures and positioning of robot arm in a fixed working area. Having the robot arm to move around is a big no-no, reason being is the accuracy of the positioning, fire hazard handling and the navigation technology.

Aerospace Malaysia Innovative Centre (AMIC) acknowledged the challenge and lined up the top technical team from the particular industrial players to look into this matter. It’s an honour for DF Automation and Robotics R&D to join force with the technical expert from Spirit Aerosystem Malaysia and Universiti Malaya, to deliver the first of it’s kind mobile painting robot in Malaysia.

The project involved the integration of Zalpha-TS-03E trackless navigation AGV and Universal Robot UR10 together with Keyence camera vision system for positioning of the painting gun at the tip of the robot arm. With the flexibility of Zalpha-TS-03E and Navwiz operating system, the integration went smoothly and efficiently  shorten the time spent for hardware integration. The team is able to focus in improving the paint spraying algorithm without worrying much on the hardware limitation and programming. DF Automation and Robotics Zalpha trackless AGV have also went through a series of review by international fire hazard expert to justify for it’s operation inside the paint room.


Advance Visual System for Positioning of Spraying Gun

The project collaboration takes 6 months before it’s being deployed to the site for stress test and fine tuning. The project have been visited by Spirit Aerosystem global CEO, Mr Tom Gentile and Malaysia Prime Minister, YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir on December 2018 at Putra Jaya, Malaysia. The project have also been awarded the “G-Mark” good design award from Japan, for it’s innovative idea to improve safety of the operation environment and it’s breakthrough for improving the painting quality of airplane.


Visited by The Prime Minister, YAB Tun Dr Mahathir at Putra Jaya


Good Design Award 2018 Certificate