Fleet Management System 101: Complete Guide

DFleet AMR - Fleet Management System

Fleet management systems have entirely revolutionised how many companies operate from top to bottom, providing ways to substantially lower operational costs while improving productivity.  Today’s blog aims to deeply delve into how such systems work to impact business operational efficiency.  What is fleet management? Generally speaking, fleet management involves activities that minimise the risks associated […]

Shortlisting a Company for Fleet Management System in Malaysia: Key Factors

Fleet Management System Company in Malaysia

Today, complex tools like fleet management systems (FMS) minimise the time fleet operators spend on administrative tasks. These improve fleet efficiency and performance while helping manage compliance-related issues– all in a cost-effective manner.  Despite all these benefits, many organisations in Malaysia still face challenges while choosing a dependable FMS provider. Today’s article aims to serve […]

What Is An Open-Source Fleet Management System (+Examples)

Open Source Fleet Management System

Fleet management activities allow companies to organise, manage and coordinate their vehicles to increase efficiency, monitor driver behaviour, reduce costs and adhere to legislative compliance measures.  Over the last two decades, fleet management has evolved with more companies adopting technology to better manage their fleets. This article aims to discuss ‘open-source’ fleet management technologies, their […]

What Are Forklift Automated Guided Vehicles?

Straddle Forklift AGV

Technology continues to progress at extraordinarily fast rates to improve the lives of people across the globe. One of the testaments of technological advancement is automated guided vehicles and robots that are deployed in manufacturing facilities and distribution centre operations.  What are Automated Guided Vehicles? An automated guided vehicle (AGV) is essentially a mobile robot […]

Robots: Their Uses and Applications

what is robotics?

The concept of autonomous mechanical machines dates back to classical times when science fiction seemed out of reach. However, inventors, engineers, and technicians predicted that robots would one day mimic human behaviour and manage tasks in a human-like fashion. According to Statista, the international robotics market is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth […]

8 Noteworthy Robotic Process Automation Examples

Robotic process automation (RPA) is essentially technology that automates structured and repetitive business processes. Organisations can utilise RPA tools to connect with other digital systems, retrieve information, capture data, process transactions, etc.  In that context, we can say that RPAs are “robots” programmed to complete particular business processes. Fundamentally, RPA handles mundane and repetitive tasks […]

The A to Z of Robotic Process Automation

robotic process automation

Unfortunately, many businesses still execute high-volume repetitive tasks manually. For instance, order processing, approvals, request confirmation, processing claims, and document fulfillment.  While it is vital to keep businesses running, such mundane tasks typically slow part of the overall business workflow. This causes financial loss and hinders productivity.  This is where the cardinal question comes in: […]

What is Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)?

AGV stands for Automated Guided Vehicle, is an autonomous mobile robot that is programmed to perform in-house logistic tasks. It is capable of lifting and towing heavy loads as well as delivering loads to its targeted destination. The AGV robot is available in various designs and sizes besides being able to be customised according to […]