Autonomous Mobile Robots: Types and Applications

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Robotics is one of the fastest advancing fields of technology as it has the potential to substitute human input in many fields.  These include surveillance, emergency rescue operations, planetary exploration, patrolling, reconnaissance, entertainment, petrochemical applications, industrial automation, construction, personal services, transportation, medical care, etc. To unpack some aspects of robotics, today’s blog post shall focus […]

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) : All You Need To Know

The new era of collaborative robotics is here!  In recent years we’ve seen collaborative robots become one of the main drivers of the industry. When compared to driver-operated factory floor vehicles or conveyor belts, AGVs come with a ton of benefits, including improved safety, better utilisation of space, and flexibility. More and more manufacturers these […]

What Is Robotics: How Do Robots Work, and Why Do We Need Them?

what is robotics?

The last decade saw an accelerated evolution and widespread adoption of robotic technology around the globe. These days, robots are used in almost all fields known to man. According to a report by Forrester, by 2021, robots will eliminate 6% of all the jobs in the United States. An assessment by McKinsey’s has indicated that […]

DFleet – Fleet Management System of DF Robots

DFleet is a server based computer software to control and manage a fleet of mobile robots to achieve common tasks more effectively and efficiently.  Most of these robots are operating in the same factory layout and on the same path. Most of the time, only one robot is allowed to run on that path.  There […]

Automated Pallet Hand Jack Clamping Mechanism using DF Mobile Robot

Hand pallet jacks are common moving equipment used by many manufacturers. It is used in pallet transferring and material handling. Unfortunately, even when workers attempt to use them safely, pallet jacks handling is still one of the biggest hazards in today’s working environment. Common hazards associated with pallet jack operation such as overloading of load, […]

NavWiz – The Intelligence Behind all DF Robots

NavWiz or Navigation Wizard is a software application for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV). NavWiz has all the features required in a modern autonomous mobile robot, such as to program the robot, status monitor, smart navigation, AI and IoT enabled. NavWiz is developed by DF and it is the core of […]

How an Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) can help to fight COVID-19?

COVID-19 31st of December, 2019 marked the date where several pneumonia cases arose in Wuhan City, in the Hubei Province of China. The World Health Organization (WHO) was the first to recognise that this case did not match any other known viruses. After going through some research, the Chinese authorities later confirmed that it is […]

AMR: The New Look of AGV

What is AGV? Automated Guided Vehicle or AGV was first introduced by Arthur “Mac” Barrett in 1953. The earliest version of an AGV was a modified tow truck which followed a wire under the floor, allowing it to move and navigate by itself. Automated Guided Vehicle are used to move things around in the plant facility […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR)

Advantages and Disadvantages of AMR Automation and robotics have been part and parcel in today’s industry. Industries ranging from automotive, F&B, healthcare, and many others are constantly looking for ways to further maximize their production and productivity. In many cases, Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is seen to have potential of increasing the productivity of any […]