AMR Fleet Management System (FMS)

If you have a fleet of AMRs, coordinating them to work together effectively can become rather difficult and complicated.
That’s where we picture in! DF Automation and Robotics offers the AMR Fleet Management System.

What is DFleet?

DFleet is a fleet management system helps to manage and regulate your fleet of AMRs as well as another integrated third party system to optimize AMR delivery operation and maximize productivity.

DFleet will also optimize your robot’s work assignments, organize fleet movements, establish routes and monitor traffic. It will also help to balance your AMRs battery life and manage charging activities.

Whether you’re using AMRs for a small depot, large warehouse or manufacturing facility, DFleet will be able to optimize your operations based on:

  • The priority level of assignment
  • Availability of AMRs
  • Battery levels of AMR
  • Distance to and fro from loading and unloading destinations
  • Upcoming jobs or assignments.

In the event of bottlenecks, the DFleet will be able to reroute the robots, reassign tasks to other AMRs as well as identify the best time to send the AMRs to charge up the batteries.

With a DFleet, you can expect an optimized level of performance from your AMR fleet.

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