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Wifi Call Station


The Wifi Call Station is a user interfacing device used to remotely control AMR’s task. Normally it will be placed at a specific location away from AMRs for user to remotely summon AMRs for goods pick up or request. This frees up operator’s time by not needing them to attend to AMR physically to trigger delivery task.

Wi-Fi Call Station is a handy tool designed to assign task to AMR in easier way and summon AMR from another location without using laptop and desktop.



  • Portable & easy to use: Small and lightweight, the Wifi Call Station is easy to carry around. No more lugging around a laptop or being stuck to a desktop when it comes to your AMRs.
  • Robust & protective casing: Because the Wifi Call Station is a device that will be frequently used, the casing provided is vibration proof and long lasting. Casings can also be specifically designed upon customers’ requests.

Wifi802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Touch screen dimensionInches7.0